Sneakers Celebrities Love to Wear on the Go

Celebrities may spend a lot of time wearing high heels and fancy designer dresses and suits. But when they’re not walking down a red carpet, they know the value of a good pair of sneakers.

When it comes to their off-duty time, celebrities often turn to sneakers, just like us ordinary folk. Reese Witherspoon, for example, is a huge fan of Puma and can be seen wearing a crisp white pair of kicks while running errands in L.A. Another notable Puma enthusiast? Rihanna, of course, who designs a line of clothing for the brand.

There also seems to be a pretty sizeable Nike camp among A-listers. Taylor Swift often works out in bold colored Nike sneakers while Kylie Jenner dresses up her white Nike kicks with a pair of leather pants. Her sister Kendall, on the other hand, prefers Adidas, and that’s understandable since the model just became the newest face of the brand’s Adidas Originals line.

Here, we rounded up 19 pairs of sneakers that celebrities can’t seem to get enough of.

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